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Let me be your guide on this exciting adventure! 

All prices are subject to the number of participants and the duration of the experience. Contact me for a custom quote.


Cloudbridge Reserve

One of my favorites to enjoy nature without having to go through great physical effort, the Pacific Chirripó River is born in one of the glacial cirques of Gran Cerro Chirripó, today Lake San Juan. These fresh mountain waters have a particular magic that moves the soul. Let's discover it together!

Bather in Río Chirripó Pacific

Cerro Vueltas

Ideal if you live in the GAM and are looking for a high mountain experience without having to drive a lot (also accessible by bus). This hill belongs to the La Muerte Massif and allows you to experience high mountain ecosystems in a way that is very suitable for beginners. The Seelye family protects the flanks of this natural sanctuary and is a source of inspiration. Let's discover the mysteries of the high tropical mountains and learn from the Seelye and their passion for conservation. 

Hiker in Cerro Vueltas Costa Rica


La Chiripa Canyon

The Chiripa Canyon tells us a very interesting story about the glacial past of the El General Valley. Sculpted by a Pleistocene glacial tongue, this canyon invites us to reflect on the timelessness of the Universe and to humbly contemplate our own existence as part of the mystery of life. Let's discover our essence together in the shining mirror of Mother Nature. 

Hiker in La Chirripa Canyon


Chirripó Massif

Let's go together to discover the remains of a glacier in the Caribbean. This is a once in a lifetime experience full of magic and mysteries in the most beautiful natural temple in Costa Rica. Whether it is Herradura, San Gerardo or San Jerónimo, I will be happy to design your custom experience and accompany you on this adventure to paradise. 

Hiker in Chirripó

Massif La Muerte 

Going up or down Cerro de La Muerte is great training to climb Chirripó. In addition to having all the attractions of the high peaks of Chirripó, this hill allows you to enjoy the good hotel and gastronomic offer of San Gerardo de Dota. Ideal if you love the mountains and enjoy comfort a lot. 

Hiker in Cerro de la Muerte

Let's design your own custom experience

Do you have a group of friends looking for a personalized adventure? Let me organize an unusual experience tailored for your group. Day trips, weekends of rest, retreats and camps in unusual places, I have a portfolio of unique experiences ready to be lived.

Group of hikers watch the sunrise
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